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Kouvola Innovation Oy is a dynamic development company owned by the City of Kouvola. Our mis-sion is to increase the vitality of the Kouvola Region by providing key services for companies big and small, new and old.
We coach and engage entrepreneurs and are active in social networks, which boost the local econ-omy onward and upward. We are here for one reason: business.

Railgate Finland, Kouvola - China Express. Regular container rail traffic from Kouvola to Xi’an, China, was started  10.11.2017.

Leanware Oy is a logistics consultancy and software company for warehouses and manufacturing industry. We have carried out more than 150 warehouse logistics consultations and the most important finding is always leaned processes and the enhancement of operating models. We are also familiar with automation solutions and integrations. Leanware is the market leader in warehouse management systems (WMS) in Finland.


Logicor is one of Europe’s largest logistics real estate specialists. Spanning 17 countries, Logicor’s portfolio offers 13.6 million square metres of warehouse space, strategically located along Europe’s busiest trade routes and close to its major cities. The Nordics portfolio offers 1.3 million square metres of logistics and warehouse space across Finland and Sweden.


OpusCapita helps organizations sell, buy and pay more effectively by providing them with extended purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash solutions. With 200 million transactions processed annually by over 3000 customers across more than 100 countries, we have created a global ecosystem where buyers, suppliers, banks and other parties connect, transact and grow. Together with our customers, OpusCapita is transforming sales, procurement and financial processes for the digital age. Founded in 1984, OpusCapita is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. OpusCapita is a fully owned subsidiary of Posti Group Corporation.





At Optiscan Group we help companies to achieve improved efficiency and productivity offering solutions for warehouse logistics and field personnel management. 

Our offering is built on the following technologies:
 Optiscan Abakus solutions
 Pick-by-voice
 Barcodes
 Scanners
 Printers
 Mobile computers
 SOTI Device Management
OptiCare™ services guarantee that projects are performed successfully & the delivered solution is efficiently utilized.

Our partners in 2018



SSI SCHAEFER is the world’s leading provider of products and systems for intra-company material flows and waste engineering. At around 70 operative companies and more than ten domestic and international production sites, we develop innovative concepts and solutions for our customers’ industries. In this process, we shape the future of intralogistics.




Fleetlogis Ltd is a Finnish company specializing in logistics ERP and vehicle tracking telematics systems. We also make logistics IT consulting and sales, office and warehouse ERP integration to Fleetlogis® systems. We provide vehicle computers, telematics hardware (black boxes) and internet enabled supply chain monitoring systems (IoT). Also we provide telematics, control and monitoring systems for special vehicles, construction equipment, containers and trailers. To make Fleetlogis ® system commissioning easy, all IT services can be hosted by us, so customers need only to concentrate on their own business. Fleetlogis belongs to E-Bros Ltd which operates in software development for e-commerce, warehousing and logistiscs IT systems.



The Port of Helsinki is the main port for Finnish foreign trade. Its strengths are regular line traffic and wide counter port network - as well as good balance between imports and exports. Concerning freight transport the Port of Helsinki is specialized in container, truck and trailer traffic. Helsinki is also globally a significant passanger port. The Port of Helsinki creates a good framework for operations and our excellent cooperation partners finalize your service experience. Our service promise is to be efficient, functional and safe.


Expak systems Oy is a Finnish company which develops Expak cloud solutions for better supply chain management. Expak creates more sales with less inventory. The solution includes built-in best practices for demand planning, supply planning and inventory management. The solution is in active use in over hundred enterprises in manufacturing, wholesale and e-commerce industries.


Cloudia Oy is a leading software and service company for digitalisation of Procurement processes and Contract Management (CLM). Expertized across several industries and serving +55 000 organizations both in private and public sector since 2008 Cloudia offers intelligent, highly-secured and easy-to-use cloud solutions for digitalizing procurement processes, contract management and supplier management. Cloudia Marketplace offers a place for suppliers and buyers to network. Monthly commerce value in our Marketplace network is 1 billion Euro.


Consignor supports your delivery processes by making it simpler, less time consuming and cheaper to ship orders to customers. Our sole focus is Delivery Management. We develop and license the Consignor software platform, which includes all stages of shipping and delivery and offer customers an integrated, sustainable and complete delivery solution.
As the leading provider of Delivery Management software, Consignor combine in-depth knowledge of transportation and logistics with outstanding software architecture and design. Our software holds the largest carrier library in the world, connecting our customers to exactly the carriers that match their shipping needs.


RASTOR is Finnish company owned training facility founded in 1942. Today it operates in five Finnish cities (Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu) and has 80 employees. Rastor gives training yearly basis for over 4000 participants and it’s turnover is over 9 M€.


LogiApps-software controls tranport company's total transportation process from accepting orders to driving arrangements and invoicing. Invoicing information is transferred via interface to more than 10 financial widely recognized administration softwares.

Android-mobile application for drivers enables on-line data transfer between office and drivers, contains also navigation and registration of working hours. Automatical route optimation fits into situations where there are many stops in the route during the day. LogiApps also contais GPS tracking of vehicles and remote reading of tacograph.

LogiApps-software has been developed in the family owned transportation company  Silvasti Oy.


Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions. Together with our partners and customers we are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system. Choosing from customized heavy trucks, buses, engines and services, our customers can build a variety of cost-efficient, low-carbon solutions.


Invest Seinäjoki! Looking for new business sites, partners, customers? We are ready to take action to help your business grow in Seinäjoki, logistics hub of Western Finland. Roves logistics hub is situated at the intersection of main roads and railways and offers thus an excellent platform along the Helsinki–Tampere–Oulu growth corridor. There are logistics and industrial area plots the size of several hectares providing the possibility to operate a large-scale logistics business. Inex Partners, Posti and Finn-Power are biggest companies already in Roves area. Seinäjoki is one of Finland’s fastest growing cities. EUR 1 billion in investments to further economic vitality will be allocated by 2021 for industrial and logistic construction, business and housing construction and production investments.


Time is a common concept for everyone. We argue that we are the masters to fight it more. We digitalizes workflow management and logistics, as a result we renew traditional workflows and methods with our solutions. In particular, the implementation based on RFID technology solutions, we are Finland's leading players.


Procomp Solutions Ltd

Procomp specialise in logistics and workforce planning and optimisation.
We create easy-to-use solutions with utilise advanced algorithms and computing
power to solve complex planning problems and deliver realistic, actionable results.

We aim to continue to surprise our customers by unlocking unexpected benefits in
their business and delivering: A more efficient and predictable business.
A better quality and more timely service for service-users. A structured less
rushed work routine for employees.



Tallink Grupp is a leading provider of high-quality passenger and cargo transport services in the Baltic Sea region. Our extensive fleet allows us to offer a wide range of services and frequent departures. As a result of our ongoing investment and fleet renewal program, we currently deploy some of the most advanced cruise ferries on the Baltic Sea.



The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is the union of 48 National and Regional Purchasing Associations worldwide.Within this circle, about 250,000 Purchasing Professionals can be reached.

IFPSM facilitates the development and distribution of knowledge to elevate and advance the procurement profession, thus favorably impacting the standard of living of citizens worldwide through improved business practices.

The term procurement is taken to embrace purchasing, materials management, logistics, supply chain management and strategic sourcing.


Since being founded in 2006, the company Supply Chain Media has generated a wealth of strategic yet practical knowledge by interviewing numerous supply chain directors, senior executives and managers. We share the resulting insights in print and digitally (for tablets) in our Dutch-language publication Supply Chain Magazine and in the English-language Supply Chain Movement, our magazine with a unique European focus. As firm believers in ‘less is more’, we don’t overwhelm our readership with hollow press releases. Instead, we filter the industry news for our readers and condense useful knowledge into practical selfassessments and checklists. Our 1-minute educational videos and 4-minute event vlogs are deliberately kept so short to hold the audience’s attention.


Finnhub association is a national (Finland) and international logistics expertise and innovation network of over 50 companies. Our goal is to network customers in need of reliable logistic partner. We offer free information about facilities and logistic services for foreign customers


Hämeenlinna City/ Linna Bussines Development Ltd: Linnan Kehitys promotes the public recognition and economic growth of Hämeenlinna. We actively search for new growth opportunities for the city and local businesses. We are looking for companies that could move their business to Hämeenlinna and facilitate their relocation and investments with efficient relocation services. We develop the business of local companies and provide them with good physical operating environments by means of area and property development and facility provision. We also contribute to the attractiveness of the city among companies, residents and tourists by implementing marketing strategies and promoting the city and its connections to congress and event organisers.We are strongly involved in all significant industry projects and the related development activities. We are the voice of companies to the city administration, and we convey their messages to local decision-makers. Similarly, we communicate the authorities’ decisions and their consequences to our customer companies and those considering relocation.Our services are free of charge!


Postituspojat – a part of Lehtipiste Oy is Established 1989
- Domestic and international customers
- Storage and logistics services (includes warehousing and packaging products, dispatching and returning processes)
- Postituspojat can offer whole SCM – services with our or our transport companies
- Postituspojat has own e-commerce platform, where our customers can construct own online shop (Magento)
Lehtipiste Oy
- Established 1910
- Press distribution business with 5000 distribution points in whole Finland
- Large logistics operation
- Owned by Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy


Aberdeen Standard Investments is one of largest active managers in Europe. Assets under managements are over €645bn (09/2017). We serve our customer from 50 locations worldwide. From Finland we manage property funds, whose investors are mainly pension funds and other institutions. The tenants in the buildings, owed by our funds, include broad range of Finnish and international companies. Leasing and property managements is done locally by a team of over 20 professionals.


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