LOGY Conference cruise on M/S Silja Europa – part two

LOGY Conference will continue from Finlandia Hall to Tallink Silja Europa cruise to Tallinn 19th -20th August.
Please note that the cruise cannot be purchased separately.

Cruise program

Thursday 19th August 2021
18.10 Embarking to the ship / Länsiterminaali 1
18.30 M/S Silja Europa departures
18.45–20.30 Welcome reception – Ocean Club, Deck 7
20.30 Dinner – Grand Buffet Tallink, Deck 7

Friday 20th August 2021
7.00–9.00 Sea Breakfast Grand Buffet Tallink, Deck 7
8.30 Possibility to visit Tallinn / Terminal D
9.30–13.30 Contact forum
- Keynotes, networking, sponsors etc.
12.30 M/S Silja Europa departures from Tallinn
14.15 Lunch Grand Buffet, Deck 7
16.00 Arrivals in Helsinki, Länsiterminaali