Organization of LOGY

Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY is a not-for-profit association of private individuals and legal entities. The purpose of LOGY is to develop procedures for purchasing of materials and services and to promote physical logistics (i.e. transport, storage, handling) and the professional skills of employees in logistics for the benefit of the Finnish economy and society.

The objectives are to improve logistics and increase the internal and external integration of logistics, to develop the utilization of computer processing and data interchange in logistics and to present Finnish logistics services.

"Expertise required within the daily work of LOGYs members has encouraged the association to undergo a change. For example four subdivisions, called Forums, have now been in action couple of years around purchasing, SCM (supply chain management), warehouse and materials handling, and transportation", tells managing director Markku Henttinen.

The Forums serve their members as skills and networking centers that offer deeper knowledge in a collegiate atmosphere parallel with the association´s joint offering. The Forums aim to develop processes and systems, improve competitiveness, further education and professional skills as well as to enhance the area´s overall profile.


LOGY office
email: yhdistys(at)
tel. + 358 44 3367083


email-addresses are form:

Markku Henttinen
tel. +358 400 730073

Saana Rantanen
Service Manager
tel. +358 50 4311610

Marjo Ojakoski
Service Manager
tel. +358 40 419 1802

Tiina Siikasaari
Marketing and Communications Manager
tel. +358 50 515 0193

Anne-Mari Toivonen
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
tel. +358 50 455 2871

Maria Tiilikainen
Event Manager
tel. +358 50 3685862

Maarit Mänttäri
Training Manager
tel. +358 40 097 5480

Hanna van der Steen
Service Manager
tel. +358 40 6588198

Mirka Airas
Service Manager
tel. +358 50 544 3261

Marja Vuori
Secretary, office & training
tel. +358 40 1845353

Mika Säilä
Media Sales
tel. +358 50 3523277