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CASE: Supply Chain Management and Inventory Design - Joonas Partanen, Logicor Oy

Comprehensive understanding of customers' challenges and needs gives advantage in competitive situation. This fact was also recognized by Logicor, a company specializing in the ownership, rental and development of logistic and production properties. In Logicor there wad need to raise level of know-how in supply chain management, warehousing and inventory planning. According to Joonas Partanen, (Director, Customer Relationships, Leasing and Marketing) the open course of LOGY assured him that it could be customized for Logicor needs also. "We were able to combine the components of LOGY open training with minimal effort. We finally got the whole thing we were looking for. "

According to Joonas, the greatest benefit of trainign was that the Logicor people learned to know their customers' needs more comprehensively. "We are increasingly aware of inventory operations, supply chains, and also the total cost of ownership that helps our entire staff in day-to-day work." In particular, Joonas saw the company visit as an excellent addition for the training. "The training and the visit both received good feedback from the entire team. We got a solid package from LOGY and good trainers, both of which were very well suited to our own needs."

CASE: Development of procurement work at Suomen Sokeri - Janne Sullström, Suomen Sokeri Oy

Suomen Sokeri wanted to invest developing procurement and internal co-operation. A suitable coaching service provider was found and LOGY was contacted. Head of Procurement of Suomen Sokeri Janne Sullström had previously participated in LOGY's open training courses and gained insights into LOGY's competence through LOGY forum activities. "LOGY has a broad network with a lot of experience, expertise and vision for development."

According to Janne planning and co-operation went hand in hand with customer's needs. From the end result of the training, he saw that the trainer had prepared himself well, taking into account the background and strategy of Suomen Sokeri. "The training cases were built for our needs. We got support for our own views, which is why we are getting towards our goals faster and faster. " LOGY's strong network makes it possible to get the latest knowledge to support both practical work and theory. "From this training, we got the "flesh around the skeleton"." Janne summarizes.

CASE: Importance of Negotiating Skills for Sourcing Professionals - Jyrki Siegfried, Tikkurila Oyj

Tikkurila Sourcing team contacted LOGY with the aim of developing negotiating skills. In addition to developing negotiating skills, we also wanted more certainty and efficiency for daily co-operation with suppliers. "LOGY was a natural alternative to us as a service provider, we are a member of LOGY and we wanted to find a partner who knows our needs," says Senior Sourcing Manager, Jyrki Siegfried, from Tikkurila. Co-operation, finding out the needs of the customer and tailored training were all succesful.

Particularly the best part was personal feedback during the training days from the trainer. This gave valuable insight from their own level of knowledge and road to personal development. "We got a good benchmark between the participants and increased our readiness for more demanding negotiations. Especially negotiating styles and the DISC model provided tools for everyday work. "Tikkurila Sourcing team represents different nationalities and the trainer was able to take great care of each of their own cultural backgrounds as well as the level of expertise. I would recommend LOGY's business training to others as well. We at Tikkurila got an effective business training for the very subject that we needed to develop."

CASE: Supply Chain Management know-how - Niklas Normia, Sandvik Mining and Construction Finland Oy

Sandvik's Turku branch wanted to increase the level of know-how of supply chain for logistics workers and also emphasize the importance of own work as part of the entire supply chain. Niklas Normia, Logistics Manager, had previously participated in supply chain management courses at LOGY's open course and he knew who to approach. "I do not think there are many good supply chain know-how providers. From LOGY courses I've got a good view of what knowledge and know-how there is in LOGY. I knew that we receive High-quality coaching from them."

The needs were presented to LOGY Training Manager, who in co-operation with the trainers provided tailor-made solutions for Sandvik's needs. "This was infinitely easy and simple for us," Niklas continues. As a result of training, Sandvik has gained a comprehensive view forlogistics personnel in supply chain operations, but also appreciation of their own work and departmental operations. According to Niklas, this had also reflected to the team that know wants to be even more involved in the development of the whole processes. "From LOGY we got a quality trainer, overall performance and efficient service, I would strongly recommend to others as well", Niklas says.