Logistics training portfolio

Work in supply chain management requires extensive and continuous learning. From our trainings, you get know-how for the holistics view of supply chain and for the development of your business.

The trainings below are part of our Logistics training program. You can participate the entire training program or individual training sessions. After completing the entire Logistics training program, participant receives the Certified Supply Chain Professional LOGY certificate, which provides a very good foundation for ELA (European Logistics Association) certifications. You can see the different levels and level-specific certificates of the logistics training program:

Operational basis of Supply Chain Management - LOGY Logistics License (Level 1)

  • Basics of Logistics (2 day)

Supply Chain Keys and Tools - LOGY's Supply Chain Management Professional License (Level 2)

  • Warehouse planning (2 day)
  • Control of warehouse operations (2 day)
  • Transportation services as a competitive factor (1 day)
  • Procurement of transportation services (1 day)
  • Production management for supply chain professionals (1 day)
  • Measuring Supply Chain (1 day)

(Note: for certification you have to choose only four trainings)

Managing and Developing the Supply Chain - LOGY's Supply Chain Management Strategic Professional License (Level 3)

  • Managing and developing the supply chain (2 day)
  • Managing supply network and risk management (2 day)

Please note that all of our open trainings are only held in Finnish, company specific tailored trainings can be organized in English!