Procurement training portfolio

Investing in procurement know-how you give basis for efficient and productive procurement activity that benefits the entire organization and brings results! Basic knowledge of procurement gives you a chance to understand the holistic view for procurement. Advanced procurement trainings on the other hand, create conditions for developing operations and respond to external challenges.

The trainings presented below are included in the LOGY procurement training program, but they are all autonomous trainings which you can participate individually.

The training program consists of three levels and you can only complete a certain level of the degree program if you wish so. In this case you will receive a certificate for that level.

Procurement Operational Basis - LOGY's Purchase License (Level 1)

  • Basic of procurement (6 days)

Procurement keys and tools - LOGY's Procurement Professional License (Level 2)

  • Procurement Agreements and Legal Matters (2 day)
  • Measuring procurement (1 day)
  • Effective tendering (2 day)
  • Financial control of procurement (1 day)

Leadership and Development - LOGY's Procurement Strategic Professional License (Level 3)

  • Supplier Relationship Management (2 day)
  • Category Management (2 day)
  • Leadership and development of procurement (2 day)

Please note that all of our open trainings are only held in Finnish, company specific tailored trainings can be organized in English!