Austria: Rail Cargo Austria affected by network problems


Austria: Rail Cargo Austria affected by network problems
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 22 Jul 2017, online:-
Construction sites and bottlenecks are causing problems for the Austrian rail company ÖBB's freight division Rail Cargo Austria. At the start of July 2017 over 20 of the company's freight trains were stuck at Hegyeshalom station on the border of Austria and Hungary and unable to proceed. The Hungarian infrastructure had not managed to dispatch the trains in both directions. The bottleneck has now been cleared. In addition, the company's trains have been delayed by a large number of construction sites on the European rail network, particularly in Germany and Italy. In order to counteract the delays Rail Cargo Austria is planning to increase its staff numbers and train equipment. In 2017 200 new train drivers will be trained for freight transport. In addition, 30 new locomotives will be deployed in 2018.
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