Driving Progress: Supporting Education and Research in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Education and research play pivotal roles in driving innovation, growth, and competitiveness in the procurement and supply chain management. Recognizing this importance, The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics, LOGY ry, has made a donation to support NOFOMA 2023, an upcoming Nordic conference arranged this year for the 35th time June 14th to 16th in Aalto University in Otaniemi. This contribution will support The NORDLOG and The Educator's Day, which are key events within the conference dedicated to advancing research and promoting education in logistics and supply chain management.

The NORDLOG event at NOFOMA provides an exceptional platform for doctors and doctoral students to come together and advance research in logistics. By facilitating meaningful exchanges of knowledge, ideas, and best practices, NORDLOG fosters innovation, enabling researchers to push the boundaries of the industry's knowledge base. The Educator's Day, on the other hand, focuses on educators in the logistics and supply chain management field, equipping them with the necessary tools and insights to educate and inspire the next generation of professionals.

The Crucial Role of Education in the Industry

Education lies at the heart of progress in the procurement and supply chain management. When organizations prioritize the development and education of their employees, they unlock a multitude of benefits. Well-educated professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge, tools, and techniques, enabling them to introduce innovative practices that drive operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences. Moreover, ongoing education empowers individuals to adapt to evolving industry trends and be equipped to tackle complex challenges and distributions in the global supply chains head-on.

Furthermore, supporting education and development in supply chain management and logistics opens doors to career advancement and professional growth. It attracts new talent to the industry, ensuring a fresh influx of innovative ideas and perspectives. Additionally, it fosters a sense of loyalty and retention among employees, who feel valued and invested in when provided with opportunities for continuous learning and development.

LOGY's Support: Fostering Development and Knowledge within the Industry

"Continuous development of individuals is crucial for creating competitiveness within the industry, and LOGY is committed to supporting this mission by providing high-quality competence development and networking opportunities with the help of the industry's top experts. Our goal is to elevate the competence of professionals in procurement and logistics to the world's top level. By investing in the development of individuals, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of organizations," says Markku Henttinen, CEO of LOGY.

As a leading partner and association driving industry development and knowledge, LOGY plays a vital role in supporting the growth of procurement and logistics. By connecting professionals and offering educational opportunities and networking platforms, LOGY strengthens expertise, enhances industry recognition, and contributes to the competitiveness of organizations.

"The donation to NOFOMA 2023 exemplifies the commitment of companies to advance the development and education in the logistics industry. We are hopeful that this support will encourage further contributions, allowing expertise in logistics and procurement to continue growing", expresses Anna Aminoff, Chair of the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics LOGY's Awards Committee.

While the industry progresses, it becomes increasingly imperative to invest in education, research, and the development of professionals. By supporting events like NOFOMA, companies and organizations demonstrate their dedication to fostering a knowledgeable workforce, promoting innovation, and positioning the industry for sustained success.

1The Finnish Foundation of Logistics Research (official Finnish name: Logistiikan tutkimuksen edistämissäätiö LTES) was founded to promote research and education supporting the practice of procurement and purchasing operations and logistics activities taking place primarily in Finland. In order to fulfil this purpose, the foundation, among other things, distributes grants to researchers to promote research activities in this field.
2The Nordic Logistics Research Network (NOFOMA) is a network of researchers within the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Originating within the Nordic countries, the NOFOMA conference has developed into a unique meeting place for Logistics and Supply Chain Management researchers from all over the world.