France: Semi-autonomous TGVs in 2023


France: Semi-autonomous TGVs in 2023
01net, 24 Sep 2017, online:-
The SNCF plans to circulate TGVs in semi-automatic mode by 2023. To reach this goal, the SNCF has determined four levels of automation. The first consists of automating speed. The second allows the train to brake and accelerate with the presence of the conductor in the cabin for the detection of obstacles. The third no longer requires the presence of the conductor. Finally, in the fourth and final stage, human presence in the cabin will no longer be needed. Meanwhile, an obstacle detection system will be tested at the end of 2018 on a locomotive. A demonstrator to control a freight train remotely will be developed in 2019. By 2021, TER and freight trains could go from their depots to a station alone. Finally, in five years, two prototypes, one a TER and one a freight train, should circulate without clients, according to Luc Laroche, Director of the Train Automation Project at the SNCF. A semi-autonomous TGV should also be launched by this date.
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