Germany: Consumers desire environmentally friendly delivery options


Germany: Consumers desire environmentally friendly delivery options
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 24 Oct 2017, online:-
In a survey by PwC, one in three people in Germany are generally unhappy about parcel deliveries, with one in five complaining about a lack of punctuality. Additionally, nearly one-fifth of the respondents said they had received damaged parcels, and one-third said they are generally dissatisfied with parcel deliveries in Germany. Of those surveyed, 61% said that the use of electric cars or bicycles is an important criteria when deciding on an online retailer, and 77% said they wish there were more incentives for electric vehicles to be used with delivering parcels. Additionally, 61% said that environmentally friendly delivery is more important to them than having particularly fast deliveries. Of the respondents, 91% said that parcel deliveries should be free, but survey respondents were generally critical of less expensive delivery possibilities such as drones and delivery robots.
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