Germany: DHL launches Semiconductor Logistics suite


Germany: DHL launches Semiconductor Logistics suite
CEP Research, 31 Jul 2017, online:-
German logistics company DHL has introduced a new suite known as DHL Semiconductor Logistics for catering to the growing semiconductor market. The logistics firm has consolidated individual services related to semiconductor industry into a single DHL Semiconductor Logistics suite, which will offer a range of services entailing complete value chain from inbound to production facilities to distribution to end users. The services will comply with all the international regulations and will ensure maximum security for high value, sensitive goods. The company is launching a Global Capital Support Center for DHL Semiconductor Logistics, with dedicated teams in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe for managing the transportation and handling of the goods. The centre will leverage a specially designed Intel Connected Logistics solution that will support 24/7 proactive monitoring of the goods. DHL, with 50 worldwide facilities and over 3,000 dedicated employees, has a strong infrastructure and expertise for catering to the semiconductor industry.
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