Ireland: DPD Ireland offers new delivery service for food


Ireland: DPD Ireland offers new delivery service for food
CEP Research, 25 Jul 2017, online:-
The Ireland-based division of German international parcel delivery company Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD), DPD Ireland, has unveiled its food delivery service business in June 2017 with a price tag of EUR 500,000 (USD 583,183.54) spent on the business expansion. The launch comes subsequently after the company's EUR 13mn investment in its logistic facility in Athlone, Ireland, as officiated by Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The delivery service is able to process, pack and transfer orders straight to the delivery network ready for shipping the very next business day and the orders can be tracked as the DPD system is linked to an order management software. It has also joined with Australia-based Amazonia that provides fair-trade South America's organic produce and Ireland-based Pow-Cow that uses Irish milk to make frozen yoghurt. The expansion of its warehouse and logistics provides two more frozen and chilled units' area and over 500,000 pallet areas, where the warehouse management system will batch manage the products. The logistic facility and neighboring parcel sortation hub also provides fast order processing.
DPD food delivery services is to tap the online grocery shopping market worth EUR 170mn a year and with predictions of sales between 2016 and 2021 to increase by 68% as posted by the Institute of Grocery Distribution. Studies have shown that the internet penetration in Ireland is medium at 81% as compared to other Western countries and groceries places as one of the top ten products users buy online. DPD aims 4.5% of overall sales to be from online shopping by 2021 from the current 1.2% and targets to raise its turnover to over EUR 75mn in 2017 from EUR 70.8mn in 2016.
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