Norway: Investigation shows foreign trucks often lack proper toll tags


Norway: Investigation shows foreign trucks often lack proper toll tags
Aftenposten, 19 Jul 2017, online:-
An investigation conducted by the Norwegian Truck Owners' Association (Norges Lastebileierforbund, NLF) shows that every fourth foreign truck lacked proper toll tags in accordance with the AutoPass agreement. Stein Inge Stølen, communications adviser at the Association, states that the Association was surprised by the report from the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and communications, which stated that 97% of foreign trucks paid tolling fees in 2016. Meanwhile, the Norwegian Directorate of Public Roads (Vegdirektoratet) reported that the payments have gone down to 86% from 92% after the obligatory toll tags were introduced. Additionally, an on-site investigation at four toll stations showed that 24.5% of foreign trucks did not register use of toll tags. Stølen states that the Association expects a revision of the current system, as there currently does not exist a collection method from foreign drivers who owe toll fees. He further says that he would prefer to see a solution where credit cards have to be registered for payments when signing an AutoPass agreement. Meanwhile, Åge K Jensen, department head at the Directorate, states that he is surprised by the investigation, which do not correlate with the Directorate's own assessment. He also adds that is unsure whether the proposed card solution would be the best way to handle the situation.
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