Sweden/Denmark: Increasing cargo traffic for Scandlines


Sweden/Denmark: Increasing cargo traffic for Scandlines
Sjöfartstidningen, 09 Nov 2017, online:-
On the line Helsingborg-Elsinore across the Sound between Sweden and Denmark,Danish ferry operator Scandlines saw its passenger number decrease by 3% in Q3 2017, compared to the same period in 2016. Cargo traffic on the other hand increased from 1,132,000 tons in Q3 2016 to 1,186,000 tons in Q3 2017. The number of transported trucks increased by 5% whereas transports of buses decreased somewhat. In total, Scandlines increased the capacity utilization of its ferries. Furthermore, Scandlines is proceeding with its plans to turn its ferries into being battery-powered. The ferry Tycho Brahe has been operational in both a hybrid mode and a battery mode since October. The final approvals for its charging stations have been granted. Before the turn of the year, Scandlines plans to commission the ferry Aurora in battery-powered operations. Thus, the world's two largest battery-powered ferries will soon be operating in Öresund.
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