Switzerland: Kühne+Nagel announces new digitisation strategy


Switzerland: Kühne+Nagel announces new digitisation strategy
Cash, 20 Sep 2017, online:-
Swiss logistics-services provider Kühne+Nagel (Kuehne+Nagel) has announced a new strategy called "KN+Next Gen" whereby it will focus more closely on the opportunities that digitisation presents for its supply chain, and therefore increase profitability. It plans to expand its service offerings through new technologies, such as data-driven value added chains. The company intents to secure the appropriate know-how for its plans through acquisitions. The company expects to achieve its financial goal of raising the conversion margin to above 16% through strong organic growth in the coming years from 2017. The conversion margin was 14% in 2016. The company management expects growth in the transport and logistics division to keep up with the framework of global economic growth, and predicts slightly lower than average growth in the maritime and air freight divisions. However, it expects significant growth in the land transport division. The strongest growth is foreseen in the Asia-Pacific region and North America.
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