France: Fifty Truck seeks to offer simple and fluid transport solution


France: Fifty Truck seeks to offer simple and fluid transport solution
La Tribune, 18 Nov 2017, online:-
France-based industrial logistics specialist IDEA Groupe is looking to revolutionise the transportation of goods with Fifty Truck, a platform launched in January 2017 to provide new services and functionalities to the transport sector, as well as streamline practices and change attitudes. The site helps manufacturers to find a simple, fluid transport solution at market price in just a few clicks. The system, which is still being tested, currently allows companies to arrange for goods on pallets of 100x120 cm or 80x120 cm to be transported throughout France via authorised carriers. The model is based on a form of subscription for transport firms and unlike other economic models, the carrier sets the price to be paid by the client. Ultimately, Fifty Truck wants to be able to track vehicles and loadings to optimise travel and traffic conditions, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. It has also formed a partnership with engineering school École Centrale de Nantes and plans to invest EUR 400,000 (USD 477,935.41) per year in order to refine its solution. The site currently offers six carriers with 600 trucks, which have agreed to position themselves on the platform in order to conduct tests, although its breakeven point is 10,000 trucks. From 2018, Fifty Truck expects to generate EUR 1mn from transported freight and a first fundraising operation is expected to be launched in the first half of the year.
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