France: Fraikin adopts Expedicar vehicle transport solution


France: Fraikin adopts Expedicar vehicle transport solution
Le Journal de l'Automobile, 30 Sep 2017, online:-
French vehicle fleet management and rental services firm Fraikin has adopted the solution developed by vehicle transfer and return specialist Expedicar at its 128 branches nationwide. This solution enables professionals to access several vehicle transport offers in just a few clicks, guaranteeing delivery anywhere in France within 72 hours via private individuals, transporters, drivers or breakdown mechanics. Expedicar sales manager Laura Peterschmitt has stated that the business moves hundreds of vehicles for Fraikin on a monthly basis, either by renting them to individuals who need to travel for EUR 1 (USD 1.19) or by assigning one of its 350 independent transporters. The solution is a real time saver for the company, as it can quickly make transport requests via a dedicated platform and free itself from all logistics management activities. As a result, the commercial and industrial vehicle rental company will be able to greatly increase the availability of its fleet. The solution will also allow the firm to reduce its impact on the environment by reducing empty runs and unnecessary transfers.
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