France: delivery tracking service used by more than 70% of clients


France: delivery tracking service used by more than 70% of clients
Supply Chain Magazine, 30 Nov 2017, online:-
In an interview with Supply Chain Magazine, the head of Marketing and Communication at, Marion Rémy-Colombelle, discusses the implementation of a real time delivery tracking service, which is used by more than 70% of clients. Deliveries are prepared in logistics warehouses in Bussy-Saint-Georges or Marignane and sent to one of seven dispatch platforms, where a vehicle from the company's fleet receives the package and's geo-location service calculates delivery time to the nearest half hour. Using the new interface, which is available on smartphone, tablet and computer, customers can follow delivery vehicles on a map in real time up to one hour before the scheduled delivery. The customer can also see how many other packages are scheduled for delivery before their delivery time slot. began testing this service in June 2017, and it is now available in the entire Ile-de-France and Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d'Azur regions. The service will be available in all 24 departments where operates once all delivery vehicles are equipped with the geo-location technology. The application also offers text and email alerts and all delivery teams have been photographed so customers know the first name and appearance of the delivery person. If there is a problem on the road, can dispatch an emergency delivery person, using another route, to try to deliver during the scheduled time. Additionally, loyal customers can add forgotten items to their order even after the cut off time. This service makes information which was already available to the company visible to shoppers. published EUR 85mn (USD 101.56mn) turnover in 2016, up 7%. Of the company's 250 employees, 80% work in delivery and delivery preparation. has a fleet of 150 delivery vehicles, 50 of which are currently equipped with the live geo-location tracking technology.
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