France: Ricard reopens largest warehouse in France, located near Lille


France: Ricard reopens largest warehouse in France, located near Lille
L'Usine Nouvelle, 11 Dec 2017, online:-
On 11 December 2017, Ricard inaugurated its largest warehouse in France, located in Vendeville near Lille. The site has been owned by Ricard since 1967, however the company has added a new semi automated 3,000m2 warehouse to the existing 4,000m2 site, increasing storage capacity to 13,000 pallets. In 2018 the warehouse will process between 35mn and 50mn bottles of alcohol. Robotic shuttles transport and organise the pallets, allowing Ricard to nearly double the pallet concentration stored per square metre. The automation of the warehouse has also speed up logistics. The site supplies internal and external clients in the North of France, including specialty stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and restaurants. The cost of renovations was not published, however it is estimated to be several million euros. In addition to the warehouse extension, the site received two new machines, for labelling and checkout, and 15 new employees were hired, primarily to work in logistics. The Vendeville site supplies over 60 countries, including Belgium which is the largest foreign consumer of Ricard. Of the roughly 60 brands and 400 beverages stored in Vendeville, about 40 are locally produced. If Pernod Ricard goes ahead with the planned shutdown of its factory in Bessan, near Montpellier, some of the activity, including production of Ricard and Pacific, could be transferred to Vendeville and Lormont, near Bordeaux.
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