France: Weldom opens new mechanised logistics hub


France: Weldom opens new mechanised logistics hub
Supply Chain Magazine, 04 Oct 2017, online:-
Adeo group hardware brand Weldom has opened a new logistics hub in Breuil-le-Sec, northern France. The 42,000 square metre building, constructed by Legendre, will handle a catalogue of 52,000 retail products. The site contains Savoye's Intelis PTS goods-to-person system, with three aisles and 23 levels, managed by 69 shuttles. The process of weighing merchandise, the ergonomic grip systems, and preparation lift tables were all mechanised. The building can be extended up to 84,000 square metres, and its 33,000 spaces could be tripled. The objectives of the new hub are to improve productivity and conditions for workers, and decrease preparation time for orders. The site, which treats 5,000 orders a day, is managed by the WMS of Manhattan Associates, including Labor Management and Slotting Optimisation services. Weldom counts 209 franchises and 21 integrated stores.
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