Germany: BASF to use automated guided vehicles


Germany: BASF to use automated guided vehicles
Deutsche Verkehrs Zeitung, 25 Oct 2017, online:-
German chemicals company BASF is to use automated guided vehicles (AGV) at its Ludwigshafen plant; it completed a pilot in summer 2017 and is to install eight of the vehicles by mid 2018. They will be used to transport tankers from the railway to the place they are needed in the plant. This will save significant amounts of time because it will be much easier to transfer the goods to and from the railway; time-consuming shunting will be replaced by an automated process. The AGVs are 16.5m long and can transport 78 tonnes. Despite their total weight of 100 tonnes they do not damage the roads because the weight is shared between a number of points; they have 32 wheels. They navigate using transponders in the ground. It will be the first time that they are integrated into normal infrastructure with other traffic.
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