Germany: Komsa launches automatic warehouse trial run


Germany: Komsa launches automatic warehouse trial run
Freie Presse, 01 Dec 2017, online:-
The German information and communication technology service provider Komsa has launched the trial run of an automatic small parts warehouse in Hartmannsdorf, Germany. The company invested around EUR 30mn (USD 35.85mn) in the new logistics centre and the new services. In the warehouse, 35 robots ensure fast availability of around 25,000 different products. Komsa said that the system guarantees the fastest possible access to existing goods, which can be picked immediately. If required, the auto-store can put out more than 1,110 different items per hour. Komsa sends an average of around 15,000 parcels a day, and if required the system can be expanded to accommodate up to 50,000 containers at the site. The company said that the storage solution is flexible and growing.
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