Sweden: Call for adjustment of maritime tonnage tax


Sweden: Call for adjustment of maritime tonnage tax
Göteborgs Posten, 04 Dec 2017, online:-
Representatives of the Swedish Shipowners' Association (Svensk Sjöfart), maritime trade union Seko Sjöfolk and the Swedish Maritime Officers' Association (Sjöbefälsföreningen) write in an opinion piece that the Swedish merchant vessel fleet can be increased further. While the tonnage tax imposed in January 2017 was welcomed and has resulted in the re-flagging of some vessels in Sweden, the system needs to be adjusted to ensure continued positive developments. Small adjustments would secure more vessels under the Swedish flag and subsequent increased employment. The current tonnage system excludes some important segments, such as coastal tank vessels and smaller vessels. The inclusion of these segments would have a positive impact on the maritime industry and national economy.
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