Sweden: Scania develops semi-autonomous truck convoy technology


Sweden: Scania develops semi-autonomous truck convoy technology
NyTeknik, 11 Dec 2017, online:-
Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Scania has managed to develop so-called platooning technology which allows for semi-autonomous truck convoys. The technology allows for improved traffic security and lower costs, and according to Gunnar Tornmalm, head of Pre-Development, Systems Development at Scania, the technology will initially be utilised in closed areas where no traffic regulations need to be considered. He adds that the first trucks are intended to be delivered to players in the mining industry. He further says that the growing demand for transports and the current lack of competent drivers makes this an optimal solution for increased efficiency. Tornmalm further says that the technology could help to raise the status of the driver profession, as it will require additional skills within a completely new segment in addition to being a good driver.
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