France: Marseille-Fos harbour becoming a smart port


France: Marseille-Fos harbour becoming a smart port
ABC Bourse, 23 Aug 2017, online:-
The Marseille-Fos (France) harbour is on track to becoming a smart port and aims to become a rival for the north European harbours of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) or Hamburg (Germany). Indeed, the harbour has been developing IT tools such as digital management systems for the flow of goods. Moreover, a new data centre is soon to open, while incubators will be set up in the longer run. In late May 2017, the harbour was rewarded for its digital management system by IAPH (International association of ports harbors). The Marseille harbour strategic positioning in the Mediterranean is a genuine asset. However, competition in the Mediterranean will be fierce, for instance with the Genoa (Italy), Algeciras and Barcelona (Barcelona), as well as Piraeus (Greece) harbours. At late June 2017, the Marseille harbour had reported traffic of 39.3mn tonnes of goods (80.9mn tonnes in 2016 entire).
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