Germany: Partial solution to Rastatt rail blockage


Germany: Partial solution to Rastatt rail blockage
Romandie, 21 Aug 2017, Online:-
Railway companies have managed to bypass the section of the north-south European railway line that was blocked by a landslide in Rastatt, Germany. All trains of BLS Cargo, the freight subsidiary of Swiss rail firm BLS, and those of CFF Cargo, a subsidiary of SBB/CFF, were running without problems on 21 August 2018. Trains were running through Stuttgart, Singen and Schaffhausen which is being kept open all night. However, this solution has limited capacity as do other solutions through France or Austria. Another solution they have found uses river transport. It is still not known what the financial consequences will be. BLS is still looking for an alternative for around 140 freight trains. Federal transport office has been asked to use its political channels with Germany to speed up repair work near Rastatt.
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