Sweden: Benders expands in Uddevalla


Sweden: Benders expands in Uddevalla
Göteborgs Posten, 22 Aug 2017, online:-
Swedish construction materials supplier Benders plans to construct a new concrete components manufacturing plant in Uddevalla. Company CEO Ove Bender comments that the plant will focus on the manufacturing of products already on offer, but with the use of modern technology, and that the plant could be completed in about three to four years' time. He has not disclosed any details about specific products to be manufactured. The plan is to establish the largest mixing station in Europe, where concrete products intended for the construction industry will create 100 new jobs in order to meet demand. Ove Bender states that the company will also have to employ an additional 80 workers in its logistics operations, where a new logistics centre will be constructed and serve as a hub for Bender products before hauling them to European customers.
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