Sweden: SSG connect implemented by pulp and paper mills


Sweden: SSG connect implemented by pulp and paper mills
Papper och Massa, 09 Oct 2017, online:-
Swedish company Standard Solutions Group (SSG) has developed a technology platform SSG Connect for IoT solutions in industrial cistern condition monitoring. The solution is cloud-based, and allows for easier monitoring of levels in cisterns. The solution is standardised and generic as opposed to most existing monitoring solutions on the Swedish market which are specific to customers and suppliers. SSG Connect also supplies data to manufacturers of chemicals which supply products to the mills as well as transport companies. This allows for largely automated and more effective logistics solutions in the supply chain. The open platform and standardised interface makes it possible for third part developers to find new applications for the system. SSG was launched by the six major forestry industry companies in Sweden. The solution has already been introduced at the SCA Munksund and Metsä Board Husum pulp and paper mills. Six further mills operated by SCA, Holmen and Metsä Board will also implement the solution in the autumn of 2017 according to expectations.
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