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LOGY SCM-foorumi: Upgrade your S&OP

Paikka: Teams,
Aika: 7.9.2021 9:00 - 12:00

Tervetuloa mukaan SCM-foorumin webinaariin, joka on tarkoitettu vain LOGYn yritysjäsenille ja aktiivipaketin haltijoille.
Welcome to SCM forum webinar, which is organized for LOGY company members and members with active package.
The event is in English.

In this event we will hear three different cases of S&OP: 

UPM Pulp - Integrated planning in UPM Pulp

Integrated Business Planning in UPM Pulp: Discussing Integrated Business Planning as a concept and how it is applied in UPM Pulp.

Timo Seppälä, Director of Integrated Business Planning at UPM Pulp
Seppälä is Director of Integrated Business Planning at UPM Pulp. Apart from his experience in different planning roles he has experience from Sales, Business Development and Business Control and different projects.

Maersk - Psychological safety in decision-making

How to build a psychologically safe work environment in S&OP/IBP?

Sam Vibeke, Maersk and Connie Køhler Gudum - Implement Consulting Group
Køhler Gudum is senior partner at Implement Consulting Group. Her subject matter expertise is Supply chain planning including S&OP and IBP.

Arla – Demand sensing

Understand Arla Foods vision and their need to be at the forefront with Demand planning in an ever-changing environment. Look at the SAP IBP functionality used to help Arla Foods adapt their ways of working incorporating automation and exception-based planning.

Paul Gibson, Demand Manager
Gibson is Demand Manager with Arla Foods in the UK. Paul has worked on multiple project roles alongside general demand duties however more recently worked with implementing IBP Demand and Demand Sensing at Arla Foods in markets across Europe. Paul’s SAP areas of focus are in the areas of: Logistics, S&OP and Demand Planning.

Additional information:
Mirka Airas
Senior Service Manager
p. 050 544 3261

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