Germany: Study shows shipping companies optimistic


Germany: Study shows shipping companies optimistic
Die Welt, 26 Jul 2017, online:-
According to a study of the shipping industry by PwC, almost three quarters of German shipping companies expect to record growing cargo volumes over the next five years. A total of six out of ten firms view their own businesses as being on a growth path. According to PwC, the proportion of unused ships in the German fleets is currently at the lowest level for years. However, the majority of shipping firms do not anticipate increased usage for container transporters or charter ships as the container shipping market is still struggling with overcapacity. PwC believes that shipping companies must adapt and modernise their internal processes in order to compete in times of digitisation. A total of 84% of companies said that they believe ship transportation will soon be offered over Internet portals. Around 51% of firms expect that the increasing production with 3D machinery will result in more raw materials but fewer finished products needing to be transported.
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